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nanosilver - micro-organisms and dust mites can form an obstacle to the sleeping area. This is a health condition for healthy sleep. Previous solutions often included the use of chemical to control microorganisms. However, these can sometimes lead also to negative effects on the sleeper.

All this is avoided by the use of silver. Silver has been known for thousands of years in medicine and tested. From today's perspective, silver is no degradation of man, and shows a very effective action against house dust mites. The use of nanotechnology in the best possible application odor properties and a lasting effect can be achieved.

Fusion® - For "merger" combines the features of two natural materials - wool and lyocell - to a fabric with excellent characteristics. These are the skills of lyocell fiber as absorption of moisture and shine a perfect combination with wool, which is responsible for a nice comfortable grip, and the reduction of odors. With "Fusion" fabrics is thus combined the best of both worlds commodity. This material combination is capable of a dry and comfortable sleeping environment with the best physiological properties create. A soft, temperature-regulating surface provides maximum comfort and support a comfortable and restful sleep.


Sign of Nature® - Sign of Nature ® - with growing again commodities form the basis of the Sign of Nature collection. Besides, big value is placed of the use of select and very enviromentally friendly won commodities. This leads to coverings itself by softness and a surface likeable to skin distinguish. The overriding ability in the moisture absorption provides for a dry and pleasant sleeping climate. The growth of micro-organisms is reduced in natural manner by the denial of humidity. Besides, is refused the application of refining chemicals without affecting the use qualities. Consequence of this development coverings are biologically diminishable completely, by good use qualities are convincing and, besides, deliver a contribution to the protection of the natural resources


Mattress relations:

- Linings
(helmet, clothing, sleeping-bags)
- Child seats
- Autoseats
- Shoes
- Other technical applications

We use:

- Polyester PES
- PA polyamide
- CO. cotton
- LI linen
- Wool WS and cashmere
- CV Viskose
- CLY Lyocell
– Tencel®