Grünbach / The STS Textiles GmbH & Co. KG is presenting news in Stockholm

Stockholm 2010 - STS Textiles

STS Textiles GmbH & Co. KG participated for the first time at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and presented new developments in mattress tickings. From 09.02. - 13.02.2010 the exhibition took place in Stockholm, Sweden. We used the possibility of showing covering materials specially for the Scandinavian market. For managing director Markus Tutsch the fair in Stockholm was the opportunity to broaden the customer base and to present STS Textiles as a young Saxonian companie to a wide and international audience. "In particular our new developments of natural fabrics, like Sign of Nature®, a high-quality, natural material was well received by Scandinavian customers. Sustainability and environmental friendly products are characterized by a pleasant soft touch, complete biodegradability and good maintenance properties. Those article, based on sustainability and ecological aspects will set reference standards for natural materials, without having any restrictions in use or properties." Although the fair was less frequented compared to last year, a great number of interesting contacts were made.

Grünbach / The STS Textiles GmbH & Co. KG expands production in Germany.

After a year of preparation and planning time in the last months of last year, the work on the planned capacity expansion at the site Grünbach were taken. In addition to expanding the knitting fabrics for mattresses was also the area of quality assurance and equipped them with new technology. The installation of the new capacity was scheduled for completion end of 2009. CEO Markus Tutsch was pleased with the smooth implementation of the expansion project. "The Decision to produce close to our customers has been rewarded by our customers. Due to the strong demand we have decided to initially preferred the 2010 proposed capacity expansion. "The newly available machines to shorten lead times for orders and the flexibility to be further increased. Technological advancements make it possible to set new standards in the field pattern. The house design team is currently busy with the expansion of the collection. And human resources it has increased to help keep step with the new possibilities. The production runs around the clock in three shifts. For 2010 are now only once no major investments planned. Our task will be to optimize the organization by establishing a quality management system. We will create the conditions for further growth in the medium term, shares with Mr. Tutsch. For 2010 we expect a recovery in demand for fabrics and looks forward to the future positively.

Renewable resources in the focus of development.
Grünbach / Renewable Resources in STS Textiles are the focus of development. Under the Sign of Nature ® brand represents the very front of a young, innovative companies based on renewable raw materials developed collection. These indigenous raw materials such as linen and wood are also in the center of development activity such as the comfort of wool and silk fibers.

In the spring of 2008 began the construction of a new knitting mill in Grünbach. During the year, more modern machines have been installed. The currently produced fabrics have established themselves in the market now. This enabled the production will be gradually extended and transferred from the autumn of 2008 at a regular shift work.

New developments on the basis of renewable raw materials and exclusive materials such as wool and lyocell were introduced to the market. The company is constantly developing additional versions and will be represented from the fall at international fairs. This lays the foundation for another successful appearance and planned for the coming years moderate growth is laid.

For the ceremony on 23 April were only representatives of the community, public institutions and the country traveled to numerous customers.

After the welcome on the premises of the restaurant "Bayerischer Hof" in Grünbach by the manager of the company, Mr. Tutsch, followed by a presentation of current developments and management by the most modern equipped production machinery, attended by many interested guests.

Despite, or perhaps because of the generally difficult economic situation, the young company convinced with innovative products, flexibility and reliability to be able to expand further and sees the future with equanimity.

Grünbach / STS presents Textiles fabric collection, which is 100% renewable raw materials. For thousands of years are of natural fibers, such as linen, cotton, silk and wool, along with some more exotic fibers a natural source for the production of clothing and other textiles.

This rate, known natural fibers but not sufficient to feed the hunger for textile raw materials to meet in today's world. For this reason, in recent years a variety of new synthetic, that is usually developed on petroleum-based fibers. But the raw materials needed for these products are not unlimited. Thus began in the recent past, the search for new possibilities of fiber. It also tried to access alternative sources and to make them usable. In the series were interesting fibers from various raw materials such as seaweed, milk, cereals and wood developed and presented to the market.

From an environmental point of view, some developments, such as the fiber from grain production to assess not necessarily be meaningful and could not be established.

In contrast to grain production from potential food timber as raw material offers significant advantages. Not only is the wood, available in our region material.It also does not step with the food production in competition.New manufacturing processes allow it to continue the use of chemicals and large quantities of water to give a large extent. This wood is also an ecological point of view.

The now presented by STS Textiles "Sign of Nature" - collection of classic combinations provides raw materials such as cotton and linen, as well as in mixtures with lyocell. An additional line on the basis of controlled organic cotton (KBA) is under development and is the market can already be presented soon.

"A new supplier of knitted mattress fabrics imagines"

Grünbach/ Textiles The STS has established itself as a new supplier of knitted mattress fabrics.

The newly created service and Quality-oriented company offers a variety of fabric types, at an attractive price performance ratio.

Production in the Vogtland, one of the historical and still the most important textile centers in Europe, allows easy access to the customer. That and the cooperation with local enterprises in the textile chain, is one made in the customer's increasingly important short delivery and high service orientation safe.

Mr. Tutsch, the CEO of the company says: "We deliberately chose a site in Germany, in contrast to other providers in the industry, give the locations in Germany and relocate production in so-called low-wage countries, we are satisfied with have taken a quality-and customer-oriented approach with a production level close to our customers long term, the better decision."

The Member of Parliament Mr. Hochbaum, could locally to convince together with members of the Economic Committee of the Region of the power and the high technological level of production. Here talking about how a new product which is made of 100% based on renewable raw materials from the region. Developments for other interesting products are in the pipeline and will surely soon be presented to the customer. The market will be interesting